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Almansour Company prepares to initiate ministry of new housing building opening/Baghdad


Housing & construction building going to be the headquarters of Iraqi s' builders       &architects. Almansour was charged with this project in which it was facing   interesting challenge in race with time and showing high quality and it proved high confidence which came as a result from previous works executed by the company .

the outlines of project ( ministry of housing & construction ) :

The building locates in Baghdad center with edifice height 43m of 10 floors installed on 18500m2 area and 17000 m2 building area .

The main structure consists of a group of administrative depts. linked to back structure representing hall with several purposes 520m2 area , capacity 300 persons and service buildings spread in the location according to the vocation .

The fronts of building was decorated with toughened and doubled - glass , which represents image of  intelligence building going with science developments , also

 glass corrugation was considered in the fronts to make live design .

The building was provided with modern clean elevators which suit for developed fronts.

The building depended on structure system ( concrete bridges & posts ) with flexible system to cut inside spaces according to vocation demands each floor .













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